Gameplay Engineer |

Polyarc is seeking a candidate with a passion and expertise in crafting compelling and imaginative player experiences. From authoring and refining gameplay systems to making better tools, the player experience will be at the forefront of every decision you make. As a developer at Polyarc you will also be expected to contribute positively to our core values of collaboration, mentorship, initiative, and creative expression.


  • Help content creators refine the overall player experience of the game.

  • Work within project and studio constraints while maintaining the creative vision of the team.

  • Implement, refactor, and optimize gameplay features using a combination of Unreal Engine Blueprints and C++ programming.

  • Educate and guide content creators in the implementation of Unreal Engine Blueprints.

  • Implement editor and standalone tools that help improve content creator workflow and validate content.

  • Contribute to a healthy, collaborative culture by seeking out, providing, and applying feedback.


  • An active, passionate interest in all aspects of game creation.

  • Strong technical background with experience in C++, C#, or other object-oriented languages.

  • 3-5 years of professional engineering experience, having shipped at least one product.

  • Experience taking features from concept to delivery to maintenance.

  • Comfortable with trigonometry, 3D transforms, vector math, and basic kinematics.


  • Experience in character and AI systems, particularly player companion and enemy behaviors.

  • Experience in profiling and optimizing gameplay code, particularly on consoles.

  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4 blueprint scripting, level setup, and basic asset creation.

To apply, please submit your resume plus any additional materials you deem relevant to your candidacy (portfolio, cover letter, etc.) to