Shiny Surfaces

In some instances shiny surfaces in the environment like glass tables and picture frames can cause tracking problems. The light from the PSVR headset reflects off of a shiny surface, confusing the PS4 Camera about where the tracking lights actually are.

To see if a reflective surface in view of the camera is picking up your tracking lights or not try the following:

  1. Turn on your PSVR headset and hold on to it
  2. Go to the headset tracking light calibration
  3. Move your headset around with your hand and see if the tracking lights show up reflected in any surfaces
Note the tracking light reflections showing up on the right
Note the tracking light reflections showing up on the right

Diffuse Wall Reflections

If you see a blue halo around your head like the above picture you will need to move your seated position away from the wall. About 1.5 feet (~0.5 meters) should be enough.

If your couch or chair is placed against a wall you may run into an issue with the rear LED lights on the PSVR headset reflecting off the wall. This is particularly troublesome with white walls that have a glossy paint. The reflected rear lights will create a blue halo around your head that interferes with the tracking of the lights on the front of the headset.

To see if a wall in view of the camera is reflecting the headset's rear tracking lights, try the following:


1. Launch Moss: Make sure the game fully starts.


2. Return to the PS4 Dashboard: Tap the PS button on the DUALSHOCK4 controller


3. Open the Quick Menu: Press and Hold the PS button on the controller until the Quick Menu Appears.

Select 'Adjust PlayStation VR' from the Quick Menu.


4. Select 'Confirm Your Position'This will bring up a video feed showing the view from the PS4 Camera.