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What are you playtesting?

We’re working on lots of cool, new stuff and want to see what happens when we get it in the hands of real players. Each playtest will focus on a different aspect of an in-development game and your feedback will be important to help us make the best final product(s) possible.
And we’re here to test the game; we’re not testing you as the playtesters. So please don't feel like you have to do anything besides play the game. If you are having fun, we want to know! If you aren't having fun, then we also want to know. And we will ask you all about every juicy detail in a survey at the end.

How do I sign up?

Click the "Sign Up" button above and fill out the form to apply.

We will be selecting players up until the week of the playtest, so keep an eye on your inbox.

When is the next playtest?

The next playtest is April 14 - 16 with sponsored activities during Pacific Standard Time. We will be adding playtesters all the way up until the week before. If you are selected, you will receive an invite to our Discord community and an NDA to sign so that you can gain access to the private playtest channels.

By participating in our playtests you will receive an exclusive Discord role and we will continue to post announcements so you don’t miss any future opportunities to help us collect valuable feedback.

Why do I have to sign a NDA?

A non-disclosure agreement is required because the games and content we are playtesting (with a select group) are still in development. The objective is to obtain constructive feedback and learn what we can do to improve our games for everyone. We appreciate your understanding and help preventing leaks of what we are still actively working on.

Also we promise that we will never share your information. Read more in our Privacy Statement.

What do I need to do in the playtest?

All you need to do is play our game the same way you would play it at home, then tell us what you think through the Discord feedback channels during the playtest, and by filling out a survey at the end.

This time it’s a remote playtest where players can join in with their own headsets. You will also need an internet connection and access to a computer or mobile device to be able to receive instructions, download the game, and send feedback.

Can I play if I don't have a Quest 2?

While we hope to include other VR devices in future playtests, a Quest 2 will be required to participate this time.

Is it free?

Yes, it is totally free to participate in the playtests. And sometimes we might have giveaways or other rewards to thank participants for helping make our games the best they can be!

I gave you a different email than the one associated with my Meta account.

We will be creating an allow list and need the email address associated with the Meta admin account on your Quest 2 device. We understand that you may have a preferred email for receiving messages that is different from your Meta account. Don’t worry we’ll keep your original email on file as your contact address.

To make a correction please send an email to no later than April 12th, 2023.

What if I live outside of the US?

Polyarc is headquartered is in Seattle, Washington and a lot of our Dev Team and the fine folks putting on these playtests are in the US. You’ll still able to play outside of our core hours on the playtest dates, but we might not be able to get to any issues or answer questions right away.

We welcome participants from all over the world even though events will be held in US time zones for the foreseeable future. Depending on where you live, you could be up very late.

Can I stream the playtest or share
content with my community?

Rest assured we will be providing plenty of preview opportunities for content creators, but we may not be ready for this content to be shared more widely yet. If you have not been contacted by Polyarc, please refrain for now.

When we are ready, we will make an announcement on our Discord with all of the details.

What if I am not an expert gamer?


Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer or have a lot of game experience, we want to hear from you!