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A 'Two-riffic' Anniversary! Moss II OST Now on Steam

Moss: Book II Turns 2! 

We can’t believe it’s already been two whole years since we invited you to crack open a new book and continue Quill’s exciting and emotional saga with the launch of Moss: Book II. We laughed. We fought. We ugly cried in our VR headsets. And as we stood beside Quill once more and witnessed her heartbreak and heroism, we fell in love with our tiny companion all over again. 

With the second anniversary of the second installment in the Moss franchise, we find ourselves reflecting not only on the journey so far, but also on the near universal acclaim and heartfelt player reviews we’ve received since the launch of our little mouse sequel. We’re still over the moon that Moss: Book II has been the winner of The Game Awards' "Best VR/AR Game," the VR Awards' "VR Game of the Year," and so many more awards and accolades. It’s a humbling experience for us to see our games seated in the “Best of VR” and “Must Buy” lists alongside the most incredible experiences and innovations happening in the virtual reality space. 

And as we reflect on all of this, it really does feel like we managed to create something special, something much more than a simple mouse game.

🎵 Moss: Book II Original Soundtrack Now on Steam 

And now, to echo the joy of our second anniversary, we're thrilled to unveil a treasure many of you have whispered wishes for – the digital release of the Moss: Book II Original Soundtrack on Steam! You can now pick up the sweet tunes from Moss: Book II bundled with the game, or as an add-on. The sequel soundtrack consists of 17 in-game tracks for more than 140 minutes of music. 

It’s been an absolute privilege to partner with two-time BAFTA award-winning composer Jason Graves to score Quill’s adventure with his elegant, heartfelt, and thematic style in both Moss and Moss: Book II

For soundtrack collectors and fans of physical versions, you can purchase the limited run of both the Moss and Moss: Book II soundtracks as a premium CD and vinyl album on Materia Collective.

Music is the heart of Moss, amplifying moments of triumph, despair, and tenderness as you navigate through the world, from the whispering woods to the ancient halls of forgotten lands. We hope diving back into these enchanting melodies brings you joy, and reignites those magical moments shared with Quill. 

💚Thanks for Your Continued Support 

Two years ago we took a leap of faith, empowered by our community’s support and passion for this world, and launched Moss: Book II on the PSVR. We knew Quill’s tale was far from over, and every step of our (and Quill’s) journey has been illuminated by YOUR enthusiasm and love for our games.

We read every review and are absolutely floored how diverse our players are. From 67-year-old grandparents and new VR owners without any prior gaming experience, to seasoned players and tech-savvy teens, we’re glad Quill has left a deep and lasting impression on all of your hearts. 

With endless gratitude, 

Polyarc 🐭💚

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