Press Release

Announcing the Super 10 VR Bundle

Hi there! 

Polyarc here to check in and share an exciting opportunity for you!

We’ve teamed up with a handful of VR studios to bring together some of our favorite VR games into one incredible package: the Super 10 VR Bundle!

The Bundle is now available on Steam with a spectacular additional 30% bundle discount (that’s around $40 in savings) when you choose to purchase the bundle in full, or round out your library with the “complete the bundle” option. 

What’s in the Super 10 VR Bundle?

The Super 10 VR Bundle will immerse you in a variety of exciting VR game styles and worlds that all have one crucial thing in common: they’re all super fun to play! 

  • Demeo: Dive into strategic battles and rich storytelling in a tabletop VR setting.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted: Experience the terror and thrill of this iconic horror game in VR.
  • Gorilla Tag: Engage in exhilarating, movement-based monke action.
  • I Expect You To Die: Test your wits with intense puzzle-solving spy missions.
  • The Last Clockwinder: Solve intricate puzzles using mechanical clones in a lush, interactive world.
  • Moss: Join Quill on a fairytale journey, combining classic puzzle-adventure with immersive storytelling.
  • No More Rainbows: Play as a monstrous anti-hero in this vibrant and social platformer.
  • Superhot VR: Master time itself in this breakthrough, stylistic shooter.
  • Swordsman: Engage in realistic, physics-based medieval combat.
  • Walkabout Minigolf: Compete in beautifully crafted VR minigolf courses with friends.

Whether you're a fan of heart-pounding action, complex puzzles, or engaging narratives, this bundle has you covered.
Head over to Steam now to take advantage of the 30% bundle discount and start your next virtual adventure!