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Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss Open Beta Release Introduces New Champion “Mojo” Playable Now on App Lab

SEATTLE -- Hello Mojo! Today Polyarc introduced a familiar (and friendlier!) face to Glassbreakers, its 1v1 real-time battler game now available on Quest 2 via App Lab. Starting today, as part of the Glassbreakers Open Beta release, players can add new Champion MJ22 (aka Mojo)—a Forged lethal weapon like those found in the acclaimed Moss franchise, but here with a curious disposition—to their squad. Mojo is guaranteed to bring a new “hook” and feel to the game just in time for more players to join in the Glassbreakers fun as this Open Beta release also lifts the player cap of the game. In addition, Polyarc brings a “Quest for the Chest” in-game event and changes to the game’s overtime rules, all as part of its live service commitment to Glassbreakers. PC players can wish list Glassbreakers now with a planned Open Beta release on Steam next month.

“What excites us about working on Glassbreakers every day is that we're tapping into the enthusiasm of our players to help shape the future of the game,” said Cyril Saint Girons, technical director, Polyarc. “Launching on App Lab has given us the opportunity to test a relatively new type of live service VR offering with a vibrant community. While we have plans to bring new Champions, game modes, maps, and ranking and leaderboards to the game, we’re also engaging with our players via Discord daily to hear what they want. One of the big things that we’re adjusting out of the gate thanks to their feedback is our overtime rules to ensure that experience is as satisfying as intended. We’ve also heard requests for a Forged Champion, which makes us think that Mojo maybe a fan favorite.”

Originally forged as a lethal weapon, Mojo looks similar to the mindless steel soldiers of the ruthless Arcane armies faced in Moss and Moss: Book II, but this Forged soldier is different. In some ways, it’s alive. This strange, inquisitive being may ask for a hug, but it may also be naïve to the consequences of its actions—it was, after all, built for war.

Mojo’s signature Free Hugs ability launches a hook to pull the opposing squad’s Champions in towards them. As the ability levels up, the hook not only launches farther, but it also applies a slow to the target. Advanced players can use Free Hugs not only to pull opposing Champions into their base to take damage from the Defender Glass, but also to grab high priority targets that the other squad is trying to protect.

“With Mojo’s ability, you can physically manipulate the position of the opposing player’s Champions for the first time, bringing unique tactical elements into the game,” said Saint Girons. “We’ve already seen creative ways in which play testers have used Mojo’s abilities to turn the momentum of a game around with a single action, and we’re not stopping with Mojo. We’re looking forward to bringing even more Champions and features to the game as part of our live service commitment.”

To celebrate the Open Beta release, Polyarc is hosting a special “Quest for the Chest” event. Now through October5th, Polyarc is boosting the speed at which players level up their weekly chests to help them get to the goods quicker. And for two weeks only the top-tier chests will contain extra special rewards including a chance at never-before-seen masks and emblems for players and their squads. All items and earned rankings achieved during Early Access and Open Beta on App Lab will stay with players as the game evolves and eventually lands on the Quest global store early next year.

As a live service game, Polyarc is excited to hear feedback and work with players to make Glassbreakers the game they’re most excited to play when they put on their VR headset. Polyarc is listening and prioritizing its development schedule to reflect player input, and the team can’t wait to bring even more exciting content their way leading up to and with the release of Season 1. In the meantime, Polyarc Devs would love to hear from and chat with players within the vibrant Glassbreakers community on Discord.

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